Description of the extension
Launch IITC for Ingress Intel with ease.
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
addExternalPlugin Add external plugin 添加外部插件
addedUserScriptTo $PLUGIN_NAME$ has been added to the "$PLUGIN_CATEGORY$" category. 已将 $PLUGIN_NAME$ 加入“$PLUGIN_CATEGORY$”分类。
addressNotAvailable Address is not available 地址不可用
anyChannel Any channel 任何频道
badgeOverride override 覆盖
changesApplied Changes were applied 更改已生效
choosingUpdateChannel Choosing a IITC-CE update channel 选择 IITC-CE 更新通道
clickInstallPlugin This is a IITC plugin. Click install to start using it. 这是一个 IITC 插件。点按安装开始使用它。
dropJSHereOrClick Drop <i>.js</i> files here or click to upload. 将<i>.js</i>文件拖拽到这里或点按上传。
errorReadingFile An error occurred while reading $PLUGIN_NAME$ file. 读取文件 $PLUGIN_NAME$ 时发生错误。
every12hours Every 12 Hours 每12小时
every6hours Every 6 Hours 每6小时
everyDay Every Day 每天
everyWeek Every Week 每周
extDescription Launch IITC for Ingress Intel with ease. 从Ingress Intel地图快速启动IITC。
external External 外部
iitcButtonOptions IITC-CE Button options IITC-CE 按钮选项
iitcGithub GitHub repository GitHub仓库
iitcHomePage Home page 主页
iitcReddit Discuss on r/IITC 在r/IITC中讨论
iitcTelegram News in Telegram 关注Telegram频道
install Install 安装
lang en zh_Hans
loading Loading… 加载中…
localServer Local server 本地服务器
localServerURL Local server address 本地服务器地址
needRebootIntel Changes will be applied after rebooting Intel 重启Intel地图后生效
noData No data 无数据
notValidUserScript $PLUGIN_NAME$ is not a valid UserScript. $PLUGIN_NAME$ 不是一个有效的用户脚本。


Launch IITC for Ingress Intel with ease.
通过IITC启动Intel地图从Ingress Intel地图快速启动IITC。
4 months ago
Launch IITC for Ingress Intel with ease.
a year ago
New contributor a year ago
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