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appintro_layers_description Swipe from the right edge of your screen (or click the layer-chooser icon in the ActionBar) to evoke the <i>Layer Drawer</i>.

Here you can change the online map service or enable/disable display of necessary elements on the map.
appintro_layers_title Layers/Highlights
appintro_location_description IITC-CE Mobile requires permission to access your location for easy navigation.

But don't worry: we don't send data about your location anywhere.
appintro_location_title Location permission
appintro_navigation_description Swipe from the left edge of your screen (or click the menu icon) to evoke the <i>Navigation Drawer</i>.
Click the back icon to return to the map.

Some plugins (e.g. <i>portals list</i> and <i>bookmarks</i>) now appear in the <i>Navigation Drawer</i> for quick access.
They won't appear in the info pane any more.
appintro_navigation_title Navigation
appintro_nfc_description You can quickly send the current portal link/permalink to another device if both devices support NFC.

Hold both devices back-to-back and tap the screen to beam the map to the other device.
appintro_nfc_title NFC permission
appintro_plugins_description You can start using IITC-CE right now.

But the main advantage over the official Intel Ingress map is the abundance of plugins that expand capabilities.

You can add official or external plugins in the settings.
appintro_plugins_title Plugins
appintro_welcome_description This is a mobile version of the indispensable helper for the Ingress player.

Ingress Intel Total Conversion (IITC) is an add-on that works as an overlay for the official Intel Ingress map.

IITC completely changes the way you work with the map, significantly increases efficiency by applying hardware acceleration and expands the capabilities vía the use of various plugins.
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iitc_ce_format IITC <i>Community Edition</i>
iitc_ce_mobile IITC-CE Mobile
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