Display user location on map
Key English Turkish State
close Close Kapat
download_description Downloading latest intel package… Son Intel paketi indiriliyor…
bugtracker bugtracker
iitc_website IITC website IITC web sayfası
pref_about_title About IITC Mobile IITC Mobil hakkında
pref_about_text <h1>Ingress Intel Total Conversion Mobile</h1> <p><b>Build version: ${build_version}</b> <br><b>IITC version: ${iitc_version}</b> <p><b>by ${cradle_link}, ${fkloft_link} and contributors</b> <p><b>Icon by ${giuseppe_lucido_link}</b> <p><b>IITC Mobile</b> is an optimized mobile browser for the <i>Ingress Intel Total Conversion (IITC)</i> userscript. <h3>Community:</h3> • Visit the ${website_link} for new releases and the desktop version.<br> • Follow the ${tg_iitc_news_link} Telegram channel for announcements and join ${tg_iitc_group_link} chat.<br> • Join the ${reddit_iitc_link} Reddit community - a place to ask for help and discuss with other users.<br> • Report issues and propose enhancements at ${bugtracker_link}.<br> <h3>Developers:</h3> ${github_iitc_link} on Github. <h3>IITC Licence:</h3> ${ISC_license_text}
notice_info <p>Hint: Alternative ways to open the info screen: <p> • tap and hold a portal for a second<br> • tap on the left half of the status bar<br>
notice_extplugins <p>Hint: <p>IITC Mobile is able to load external plugins too! <p>Add them by clicking the (+) icon at the top right. The plugin files have to end with '.user.js' and are copied to <b>%1$s</b>
notice_sharing <p>With <em>Share portal</em> you can: <p> • send the portal link to other people<br> • view the selected portal's position in another app<br> • open the portal link in a webbrowser<br> <p>Hint: By selecting Google Maps (or any other installed navigation software), you can quickly navigate to the selected portal. <p>These hints also apply for the <em>permalink</em>.
pref_ui_cat UI Arayüz
pref_misc_cat Misc Çeşitli
pref_tweaks_cat Tweaks Yükseltmeler
pref_plugins IITC Plugins IITC Eklentiler
pref_plugins_sum Plugins extend/modify the IITC experience. Most plugins known from desktop IITC can be found here.
pref_plugins_title Available plugins Kullanılabilir Eklentiler
pref_user_location Display user location on map Haritada oyuncu yerini göster
pref_persistent_zoom Persistent zoom level
pref_persistent_zoom_sum Don't change zoom level when locate button is pressed
pref_user_zoom Show zoom control
pref_user_zoom_sum Shows +/- buttons even on multitouch capable devices.
pref_fullscreen Configure fullscreen mode
pref_fullscreen_sum Which elements should be hidden in fullscreen mode. Note: IITCm can still be controlled via the Navigation Drawers
pref_force_desktop Force desktop mode
pref_force_desktop_sum Nice for tablets, looks awful on smartphones
pref_dex_desktop Support Samsung DeX Mode
pref_dex_desktop_sum Force desktop mode when DeX mode is active
pref_language Language
pref_external_storage Move tiles cache to external storage
pref_external_storage_sum Restart required! Write cache to sdCard. External storage has to be mounted.
pref_press_twice_to_exit Press back button twice to exit
pref_press_twice_to_exit_sum Avoids accidental exits


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IITC-CE / IITC MobileTurkish

Display user location on map
Haritada oyuncu yerini göster
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IITC-CE / IITC MobileTurkish

Display user location on map
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