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IMPORTANT NOTE: this app runs on data hosted by Ingress. Prior to leaving a bad rating please try and note the load time and please take that in consideration when leaving your review thank you.

Ingress Intel Total Conversion - Community Edition (IITC-CE) is a browser addon for the Ingress augmented reality game. It is faster than the standard Ingress map, and offers many more features.

It is available for desktop browsers, such as Firefox and Chrome, and as a mobile application.

GitHub Repository:
重要提示:本应用依赖于Ingress提供的数据。在留下差评前请先尝试访问 并检查其加载时间,谢谢。

Ingress Intel Total Conversion - Community Edition (IITC-CE) 是一个为Ingress游戏开发的浏览器插件。它比原版Ingress地图更快,并且提供更加丰富的功能。


4 months ago
IITC-CE map for Ingress Prime game
IITC-CE:Ingress Prime 游戏地图
4 months ago
IITC-CE Mobile
4 months ago
Китайский (упрощенный) (zh-CN) 4 months ago
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